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Maglite ML150LR1019

Product Code : 038739850474


Mfg Item #: ML150LR1019

The Mag lite ML150LR1019 recharges in 1.5-2 hours and has a run time of 3.5 hours.The advantages are that its made from one solid piece of aluminum, with the LED attached/soldered directly to it. Typically seen in competitor lights is what is called a starboard. This consists of several pieces of metal bonded or screwed together, and then wires soldered to the board to power the LED. This method is not only inferior in thermal performance its less reliable due to multiple components and hand soldered wiring. we really set ourselves apart from almost every single flashlight in the marketplace. The ML150LR has a micro-controller on the PCBs to optimize the LED power profile. This keeps the light running longer. The light dims over time, giving the user the expected/natural sense of the batteries dying.

Output1050 Lumens
Weight15.2 oz
Bulb Type1 LED
Filter ColorClear

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